Solidworks to sketchfab with all materials possible?

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Hi there,

Does anybody know is I can use my exporter add in for solidworks and publisch the 3d file with the original textures and meterials used in Solidworks?

I read somewhere only STL is supported and does not have any color because of that.
Thanks Arnaud



SolidWorks → Sketchfab with proper textures/materials is always a bit tricky.

I think SW can export OBJ, have you tried that? Otherwise, you can get basic material colors (no textures) with VRML.


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Hi James,

I thought it would be an issue, I will try today with your suggestions, thanks!

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Hmm I used the free Solidworks obj Exporter v2.0 to export the obj file. As a result I get an obj (object) file and a mtl (material) file, and some jpegs for the material. I make a rar out of them and tried to upload it. I does generate a background so the object should be there. But I don's see the model.

The below is a issue list for this model.

images :
Found unreferenced image 'standaard materiaal database.jpg'
Found unreferenced image 'rvs texture 4 met glim2.jpg'
generic :
Missing file 'rvs texture 4 met glim2 bump.jpg'
Material::setShininess() of -1024 is below permitted minimum, clampping to 0.
Missing file 'standaard materiaal database bump.jpg'
Missing file 'rvs texture 4 met glim2 spec.jpg'
Missing file 'standaard materiaal database spec.jpg'
normals :
Geometry normals have been dropped
Geometry has some null normals


Hmm, sounds promising, but I'll need to take a closer look. Could you send me the OBJ/MTL/texture package?


Thanks for the file.

I was able to get it working, but there are several issues I had to fix manually:

6878 OBJ test by James on Sketchfab

1) commas as decimal separator

In the OBJ file, vertices/normals/faces are defined using commas instead of points as the decimal separator:

v -0,235776457135308 0,064 0,871102222521133

While the issue of , vs . as the decimal mark is a matter of international standards, it seems to be cause issues with encoding the OBJ file. Do you think this is an issue with your OBJ plugin, or does SolidWorks have a global preference for this? Or maybe a language setting?

2) spaces in texture names / MTL file

It's best to avoid spaces and special characters in all file names:

map_Kd corten texture matter.jpg


map_Kd corten_texture_matter.jpg

There were still issues automatically applying the textures...I'm looking into it...but it's still good practice.

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Hi James,

That's nice it looks great! A colleague of me helpt me with the decimals etc.
I tried it with another file and it worked. Only the placement and scale of the mapping is still not adjustable i think.
Do you have an idea how to position the mapping better?


You can switch between Repeat, Mirror, and Clamp for texture wrapping in the Material Editor, but we don't have UV controls like Tilling and Offset.

For best results models should be unwrapped/mapped before upload, but that might need to be done outside SolidWorks.

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hmm ok that thios is the end result. It should worlk this way I guess.

Thanks for all the help. a scale and position took would be cool though. Maybe in the future.


Yep, scale/measurements tools are something we're thinking about for the future.

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Hi James,

I was asked if it is possible to embedd your 3d player in our website with a transparent background. Do you think this is possible? So the viewer takes over the background color/image of the website.



Just add ?transparent=1 to your embedded iframe's src. Details here: