[SOLVED] [BLENDER Cycle] Problem 3d settings in Sketchfab

(Bronron) #1

Hi all !

I'm new here, and I want to publish my first model.
But I have this result with default settings =>

(the air planes are Cycle light)

The result I need =>

I know I can't import my HDRi if I'm not pro member, but for the others problems, I don't know.

I've not seen a topic with this problem, or tuto for that.
I try to play with 3D settings, but it's not really better.

I join the .blend if you need

How I can make to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance.

(Dark Minaz) #2

probably the best way would be to just bake the light down and then just import the model that way.
But i am not a blender user, so maybe someone got a better idea blender specfic

(Stephomi) #3

There's probably many things, but so far :

  • you probably want to stick with metalness workflow instead of specular (in the material settings)
  • The triangles on the structure don't point on the right direction (if you set it to single sided, you can see that they are inverted), so probably their normals are not consistent with the triangle clockwiseness.
  • the bump map for the floor is assigned in the normal map channel instead of the bump map
  • you'll probably have to hide the area lights and bake some stuffs like @dark_minaz adviced

We know that we'll have to improve blend cycles :smile:.

(Bronron) #4

All normals are in the good directions.
Bump map is in a bump node =>

"metalness workflow instead of specular" I don't understand really is it.

And I try to use baking, but my UV map is "freestyle", and I have this result =>
UV map


Many overlay in the render too. And the floor is too light, but I don't know why. Not like the result in he first post.

(Stephomi) #5

^ go in the editor and change these.

The normals are, but the triangles are badly oriented, so it's not good.
Did you use a mirror tool in blender, or used a non-uniform positive scale (like [1,-1,1])?

(Bronron) #6

Sorry for Metalness and Bump. I look only Blender.

I've used a mirror, for look if the other side is better with cam POV. I reuse mirror for back in default. But not Ctrl+Z. And I've not used Mirror Modifier. I've used Objects>Mirror.

For the triangles, I don't know what it is. I find only trigon in Google.

And Yes, the scale is [-1,1,1] for the snake.

I have baking all, and keep only the snake and the bake node.
It's more simple after in 3D settings, and it's published : https://skfb.ly/Prtw