(SOLVED) - Can anyone help me understand how to use Shape Keys in blender

Hi i was trying to follow this tutorial

in the video he says he creates keyframes, and he says he presses I key on the keyboard
but i don’t know what keyframe to select, he dose not explain it in the video at all

like which of these do i choose?
there dose not seem to be any option for “shape keys”
if i bring my mouse to the time line and right click and select create keyframe, no keyframe appears on the timeline

For example if i want to rotate a box, i select the box right click menu, select add keyframe then select “rotation” from the list
if i want to animation scale, like wise i create a keyframe and select “scale” from this list
but i don’t know what to select for shape keys
in the video he completely bypasses this fundamental bit of knowledge
do i select delta or one of those?

Ok I found out you can right click on value boxes on parameters to bring up a menu which I can add keyframes this way.

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