[SOLVED] Multiple textures, animated 3D models, Coppercube6 game engine

Hi, I bought and downloaded a nicely animated model which has 2 folders:
1-animations (fbx)
2-textures (jpegs)

I included the model in a game I’m making using Coppercube 6. It works really well but the textures don’t work properly.

The issue I have is that the model is made of 2 main textured parts: 1- Body, 2- Legs. Coppercube only loads the body texture and applies the same texture to both the body and the legs. There is no separate slot (in coppercube) for me to select a texture for the legs. This is because it’s in .fbx format (for the animation).

The solution is: I need to convert the .fbx file into a .x file (direct x format) so that I can have a separate texture slot for the body and the legs.

The problem is: only Blender v2.66 seems to work with multiple texture slots in direct x format - but I cannot import the .fbx object into blender 2.66 (even with the fbx import addon activated). It doesn’t support the file. Later versions of blender (v2.79 and 2.8a) do import the .fbx file but cannot export as .x format (direct x).

My question is: how can I get the sketchfab model I bought to have both the Body and Legs textures in Coppercube 6? Assuming I need to convert from .fbx to directx using blender v2.66.

Is there a way I can embed (bake?) both textures as part of the 3D file? Or maybe make a single jpeg texture that covers the body and legs but only uses up one single texture slot?


Never used a Coppercube in my life, but from Unity and UE4, I think that Coppercube just uses a single material on two meshes.
Can you create a 2nd material with other textures and apply them to the 2nd part of the model?

Thanks for the reply.

The model does come with 2 textures in the fodler - one for the body and one for the Legs. Coppercube does allow the use multiple texture slots for animated 3D models - but only if I convert 3D model animations first - simply by exporting them as “directx” from Blender version 2.66. The problem I’m facing is that the fbx model I purchased wont open in blender v2.66. :’(

For some reason, 3D animations which are exported as fbx or directx from later versions of blender, don’t have the multiple texture slots when imported into coppercube.

The coppercube forum says only directx 3D animations from blender v2.66 are fully supported. Static models from most other formats are supported and fbx animations will work but only with a single texture slot.

It’s obviously an issue with coppercube, not the model itslef but I was hoping for a workaround so I can keep developing with coppercube if possible. Otherwise I’ll just have to make do with the legs having the wrong texure.

Well, what you could do is combine both textures into a single one and adjust the uv maps to match the textures. However you will have to make the whole texture x2 bigger :thinking: or scaled down textures will have less resolution in a single map

Thanks warkarma - that’s a really good solution. I’ll try to merge the two textures as one. I’ll need to research how to adjust a UV map. Never done that before. Thank you :slight_smile:

*After a few hours of unsuccessfully trying to merge the textures, I gave up. It was meant to be a simple case of applying the2 separate textures to the body and legs and then joining them as one object in Blender with ‘Ctrl’ and ‘J’ before exporting as a new fbx. Upon importing to Coppercube, there were still no textures and only 1 texture slot.

My workaround (for now) is:

1: Load the full model into blender, delete the head and export the legs animation as “model_legs.fbx”.

2: Load the full model into blender again, delete the legs and export the head animation as “model_head.fbx”.

3: Import the legs animation into Coppercube and apply the legs texture.

4: Import the head animation into Coppercube and apply the head texture.

It seems to be working, (obviously as long as the scale and position are exactly the same for both models). I made the head a child of the legs to make it easier to adjust them together as one objects. In the Coppercube 3D viewport preview, the legs and head animations do not sync with each other - but as soon as my game launches, the animations sync perfectly with each other. I think this could be solved by importing the head and legs at the same time (by multiple-selecting them in the file explorer and clicking import), rather than importing them as individual files.

Thanks for the helpand suggestions :slight_smile: