(SOLVED) Need help for import

Hi, I am currently trying to import a mesh in Sketchfab.

Sounds simple, but when I import my obj, it separates the mesh into multiple subobjects.

I should have 3, but it creates a bunch of random ones with random names, and I can’t seem to find why. It also does the same in Substance Painter.

What I have:

What I want :

I tried with obj, fbx, I did a couple reset Xforms, nothing seems to work. I made the mesh in 3ds Max.

Finally, I created a test scene and it seemed to work, and although I didn’t change my geometry, when I try it again, it doesn’t work (I had to detach a subobject, that’s the only change I made).

Here’s the link of the scene as a draft, I hope someone can help me

It looks to me that you are using many materials on the mesh. But I am not sure. I could have a look for you if you would share your file.

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Hi ! Thanks for the fast reply !

That was exactly my problem, I was able to fix it. Thanks a lot, I’ve been trying to fix it for a couple hours already, I am not very familiar with Sketchfab yet.

Have a nice day ! :slight_smile: