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(SOLVED) Normal Map in SP viewport is different from Sketchfab viewport


(French Baguette) #1

This is what the sword looks like in the Sunstance Painter viewport:

And i've exported with the sketchfab and PBRroughness presets, both yield the same problem:

The surface won't stay flat. I've uploaded this way before, but never had this problem. I guess the only thing i did differently this time is moving the normal map into the layers in SP, so i could edit out some artifacts. Does that change anything? Though, it didn't help to hide the layer normals, and use the TextureSet normals, the problem still persisted.
Here's what the normal map looks like in that area, if you want to look:

(Mrchlblng) #2

@FrenchBaguette you need to make sure that the tangent space are exported. We currently do not use the same algorithm than Substance and this always lead to visual glitches.

(French Baguette) #3

I guess i should just say that i figured it out now.

Took me a while, but i eventually noticed that the triangulation of the sword was different in Substance Painter than it was on Sketchfab, cause i forgot to triangulate it on export. Mystery solved.