[SOLVED] Scene Edit / HDRI Import : Stuck at Processing environment


(Seriousframes) #1

Hello everyone,

Is there a long delay for environment hdr processing ?
I tried to import my own on my scenes but the process is stuck at "Processing your environment".
I never get this step completed.

EDIT : Finally seeing my HDR in the list after one hour

Also, once uploaded and proccessed, will the hdr remains in the drop-list for all my scenes ?
Or it must be reuploaded for each new scene ?

EDIT : Yes common to all scenes after that, nice.

Thanks for your time.


Sorry the processing was delayed. Glad you figured out your other question :slight_smile:

(Cheshire Creative) #3

Just upgraded to PRO and am trying to get backgrounds sorted.
How long does it normally take to finish processing your environment?
Tried uploading a tiny on, 344kb and it's taking forever to process.
Will it take longer to process a 14mb one?