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Some feedback about lighting

(Minibabylizard) #1

Hi guys, im trying to improve with light and always find myself making a compromise after an hour trying and it dosent turn out as good as i hoped T-T..any tips?
here is an artwork i tied to make some gloom effects c:

(Shaderbytes) #2

gloom? did you mean glow perhaps? I would presume the latter based on the bloom post process. Anyway based on the pose and what is in the scene I would say everything is over lit. you really want to emphasize the glow of the jewel more. I would reduce the scene GI overall and then use a point light colored like the jewel and positioned to the jewel to cast light onto the character.

here is yours :

and here is a quick mock up I did to demonstrate my explanation :

OF coarse I made mine very dramatic for the example it can get dial back a bit of coarse ..

hope that helps.