Some feedback on WebVR


(Toco Gamescom) #1

I just setup most of my model for VR and tested them with the Vive and Chromium. It is very cool!

I know it is in its early stages but here are some suggestions for improvements:
- Scaling should not be capped, 20 was still not small enough for some of my models. (See my Wonders of the World models)
- There should be 2 sizes for the viewer to choose from: first real human size and then giant size to view the whole scene. It is great to view scenes as real sized so you can take in the whole scale as well being a giant to see the whole scene like you regulary do in Sketchfab. Letting the viewer scale it any size is also great, you could look at Tiltbrush or UE4 in editor VR for how it can be done.
- Floor Height should not be capped, For most of my models I would have to make it higher then 0 which is not even possible. (I often use a sky sphere around the model) A elevator control for the viewer would also be great, motion sickness should be much less problematic vertically and alternatively it could be incremental height teleportation
- Annotations should be default off, they break immersion and they don't work good navigation wise anyway. I also encountered a bug where I could not turn them off anymore, when I click on annotations options it only gave me a back button in the sub menu.
- Browsing Sketchfab inside VR would be great but I assume that is a huge undertaking.
- Something for pausing and playing animations inside VR would be nice.

(Alban) #2

Thanks for the feedback! This is a first iteration, and we are working to improve our VR support.

The good news is that you can already browser Sketchfab inside VR: once you have selected a specific content gallery (a username, a collection, the staff picks etc...) you can launch our VR browser by clicking the orange "view in VR" button at the bottom right of the page. As an example you can click here to browse the staff picks in VR.

(Aleahy) #3

Sketchfab in VR is awesome. Adding more issues and ideas..

-- having 'teleport' and 'change scale' on the one controller pad is annoying. It's too easy to accidentally teleport while trying to shrink/grow.

-- stereo thumbnails in the vr-browser

-- grabbing and dynamically resizing a single object scene. TiltBrush 7 and Destinations (props) does this VERY well! Using two controllers for object scaling, changing pose and placing.

-- way of toggling on/off the grid floor

-- you could borrow a whole bunch of interface ideas from Tiltbrush. eg. floating and throw-away menus.

keep up the amazing work.

(Alban) #4

Thanks Andrew for the feedback, good suggestions! Stereo thumbnails is a great idea. A grabbing feature too!

(Aleahy) #5


  • a 'reset scale' option, which returns to the scale the model owner has configured.
    Or maybe some sort of visual indicator when you're at the 'default' scale.

  • in addition to 'teleport jumps' a slide forwards/backward/left/right movement control (like AltSpaceVR). It would allow slightly more fine-grained control of location, basically I'd like to more easily line up the 'Tesla X' model so the seat location in VR matches the location of my actual real world couch so I can pretend to sit in the front seat :slight_smile:

  • ability to grab and reposition dynamic light sources. So being able to 'turn on the light locations' and then grab them and move them about.

  • multi-user (like Destinations) is an obvious want! Inviting colleagues to the same scene/model would be awesome. We'd need to be able to choose avatar models, etc.

  • controllable 'spectator' camera in VR mode would be awesome for making mixed reality videos with Sketchfab models. See

  • The collection-based vr browser should still have the rendering mode switches (Lit, Shadeless, Matcap, Wireframe) that per-model 'View in VR' has. eg. pressing 1,2,3,4,5 keys.

(Aleahy) #6

more ..

  • on the main display (eg. not the goggle headset) allow different display options. Probably the most useful is a single viewport (Left or Right eye). Like 'Simple mirroring pt 2' at Especially useful for showcasing Sketchfab VR on big screens. The standard two-eye binocular view isn't very good for demos.

  • allow a keyboard or mouse controllable spectator camera view for the non-HMD screen, like 'Advanced mirroring' at Having a controllable spectator view is a good first step towards mixed reality trailers as well.

  • if the second wand controller is not going to be used for anything, the pose of that controller could be mapped to this spectator cam. A good second step for making awesome trailers :slight_smile:

(Aleahy) #7


  • model both Vive controllers if both are active. At the moment just one controller is mirrored into the sketchfab webVR world. Being able to locate and track both hands is super useful for getting the 'size of things' eg. virtually grabbing the steering wheel of a car model.


It’s now possible to disabled the floor.