Some improvement ideas for an already cool tool


(Simon Kratz) #1

Hi everyone!

I really got to know and love sketchfab over the past weeks! It's an awesome idea with already a great and feature-rich browser application just as it is now!
But want it to grow even better so here's some stuff I'd love to see implemented. I don't have a lot of know how about browser tech so these are just pieces of my mind :smile:

  • It would be nice to have some more insight on how much a model is viewed (per day/ week) and where those views come from. Something like Google Analytics.

  • Since in every game engine nowadays you can create your own shaders I'd love to see that feature added to sketchfab. I understand there might be limitations due to browser tech but even with limitations I guess it would offer a lot of artistic potential.

  • Particle Effects: I know you're working on animation and in theory you could bake a particle based animation to keyframes. I'd still love to see a particle system implemented in the viewer if there's any way to do that. It could offer options like color-over-time animation, randomness and animated spritesheets.

Well, that's all! :smiley:
Hope you consider it if there's any chance to realize some of it.
Looking forward to the shining future of Sketchfab and hope it'll become an all-known standard for viewing 3d models in all browsers.

(Bart) #2

Thanks @essimoon, I'll be sure to pass these suggestions on!