Some issues with download

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Tyrannosarus rex by Joel Anderson on Sketchfab

I have one of my models set to be downloaded, but there's some problems with missing textures when I open the OBJ. There seems to be an issue because the sketchfab name being prepended to the file path.
also the eye texture simply has no texture associated to at all .

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could be a Maya issue? It is kind of a bummer - Do I have to create the download myself?

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Just wanted to let you know that it is a Maya/OBJ issue, not sketchfab I'm pretty sure.

I went through and recreated all of the textures, cleaned up naming conventions for everything (textures and geo) Re-exported the model as OBJ and got the same result - crap!

So I have a packaged version of the model that includes a native Maya scene, also a FBX (That is looking good as expected) and an OBJ (That will have to have the textures recreated by hand)

It can be downloaded from my site here:


Hi @joel3d,

Thanks for the self-troubleshooting. You can include anything you like in the ZIP file you upload, and it will be available for others to download. Might be a good way to offer the full Maya scene?

Have you tried the Maya Exporter? It uses FBX and is generally quite reliable.

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That's what i just said...Haha!

How can I edit the download button, it is set to DL the same old OBJ. I packaged up a zip, now what?


Try uploading the ZIP as a new model instead of re-upload?

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Oh, I was using the sketchfab script to export from Maya. You want me to just create another version and upload it as a zip?

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Okay, that solves the OBJ problem - Now I have 2 versions of the same model.


That was just a suggestion to offer multiple formats to people to download.

I'm a bit confused now. Are you still having issues with textures on Sketchfab?

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Yes, sorry about that. The model looks okay on sketchfab. However, I wanted the download to to be in another format other than OBJ.

Since the Sketchfab export from Maya mel script automatically exports the file as an OBJ the textures usually don't work properly.

I wanted to keep my original model on sketchfab because It had a few 'likes' and a staff pick, etc. So, your suggestion helped, I just re-uploaded it as an FBX and there ya go, problem solved!

Thanks for listening, case closed.


Sound like you're using an old version of the plugin. The new version uses FBX: smile

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okay thanks, I had no idea