Some materials appear black


Using Blender, I baked the materials for 4 different bones. For some reason, two of them are black instead of bone color. I drag and drop .png on the base color for each material. But it doesn’t work half of the time. I used the exact same process to bake all the textures, so I don’t know why it’s not working with some objects… I saw that I should play with ‘Vertex color’ but this option doesn’t appear between ‘wireframe’ and ‘background’…

Here is the link of the model: T_natans_compressed - 3D model by Aurelien.Lowie (@Aurelien.Lowie) [fc18087] - Sketchfab


@Aurelien.Lowie it seems the black parts have no UV coordinates

Thanks! Can you point me a direction to solve that problem?

That’s something within Blender then? Within the FBX exported file, or rather the .png of the material?


in blender click on whichever mesh is rendering black then create a new material on it, this essentially assigns a material ID to this mesh which means sketchfab has a “target” ID to make modifications on.

Once you re-import to blender then you can use diffuse - color , and whatever other material settings to match the other parts.

Alternately if you already have a material set up in blender that you want to use then click the mesh that is rendering black and from the material drop down menu select the material that the other parts are sharing.

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actually i sort of flash read your fist post and see its might also be related to uv as klaasnienhuis mentioned. if step 2 of my suggestion dose not work then you might have to unrwap that particular object. You will know if there is no UV set up on a mesh in blender by simply going to the UV tab and observing what is contained within the square on the left hand side when you select all the mesh (faces) on the right side (make sure you in edit mode), when you select your meshes faces and there is some UV coordinates already set up then you should see a representation of those selected faces on in the square in the left part of the screen

is you do not see anything appear on the left side after selecting your meshes faces then you have to unwrap it in someway , this would depend on what you did with the other pieces so I cant really tell you the best method but you would at least start by using one of the following options from the unwrap menu on the right side of the screen

sorry, should have read your first post properly , doh

Thanks! But nothing is working so far.

I always add image texture in shading, put a new name, go to UV editing, Smart UC project so I can have a UV thingy for my part. Then I go back to shading and bake with the part selected, and it gives me a pretty decent result, same as for non-black parts. That’s why I don’t get what’s wrong.

What I have once I save as .png the baked materials. On the left, one part that appears like bone, so normal, and on the right, one part that appears black once uploaded on Sketchfab.

Here is the link of the Blender file on my drive if you want to have a look:

Thanks a lot!

Another reason why objects show up black is when one of the scale axes is negative. This often happens when objects are mirrored. At least, that’s what happens in 3dsMax. You could test by mirroring the entire model and uploading to Sketchfab.

Hi I opened your blend file and see a lot of node structure for the materials, i am not very experienced with nodes/materials on blender itself, but just by clicking on each object it seems the part that you cant get rendering right seems to be slightly different in the node structure?

But anyway, asides that, I downloaded your blend, looked in blender and without changing anything i directly uploaded your model to sketchfab, and I don’t see that part rendering black at all? I did however see that part render a pure white color, so what I did was selected the other parts and copied the hex value and applied it to the hex in the diffuse of the part that was not the same color.

and this seems to match the other parts.

From what I see from your shaded view in blender I see you have some other things going such as a bit of bump texture and so on, so I simply tried to recreate something roughly similar in sketch-fab itself using this simple texture

Used for the fine bump texture / edited the UV scale on sketchfab to adjust that and the 2nd instance I used with cavity , combined I think gives a decent bone texture effect.

Along with that I used subsurface scattering (no texture images used)
and in the post processing settings I used ambient occlusion, a tiny bit of depth of field, a hint of bloom, some tone mapping tweaks and very subtle color balance tweaks
No dynamic lights just the default hdri environment lighting along with sketchfab ground plane with baked ao shadowing
this all took about 5 mins

(note, this is a private upload and I will delete it after you have taken a look)

So, I am not sure why you are seeing black when uploading to sketchfab and are unable to change the map on that particular mesh part

Thanks a lot!

Indeed, if I just upload the file, the base color is perfectly fine and can be modified with the Hex values as you said. But for the next step, I’ll need to upload muscles with tendons, fibers,… So an homogeneous color won’t fit anymore. So I wanted to try with bones and ‘simple’ baked texture if it would work. And that’s when I realized that it’s not even working for baked bones, so would be difficult with baked muscles…

The problem is when I drag and drop a material (baked and saved as .png) onto base color. Some become all black for some reason.

How did you export the file from Blender? Did you then dragged and dropped the .PNG of baked materials onto base color? Or everything was included in a .fbx file?


Hi, sorry your still having issues.
Well all i did was upload the .blend file directly, sketchfab can read .blend files, I did not export it from blender, its the exact same file as you uploaded.
No image textures where imported when I first uploaded your blend file to sketchfab, though as mentioned I did add a texture in myself, so its more or less just base color on the diffuse.

With regards what you will ultimately be doing, bones, etc perhaps you might get some help from some others as I have not really had much experience with bones/importing them