Some models very slow to load

(Cderolin) #1

I'v noticed over the last few days that some models, both of my own and others are very slow to load, both on laptop (high end) and iphone 6. Some won't load at all such as this one: which use to work fine. This is happening both at home and on my work network. Is anyone else having this issue?

(Cderolin) #2

Well it just loaded, but took several minutes

(Dark Minaz) #3

Well they both load within 1 minute what is roughly the time it should need to download on my internet speed for a model with over 700k poly.

Might be a connection issue or some windowsupdate is using your internet speed without you noticing.


What browser are you using on the laptop?

(Cderolin) #5

Firefox. I think it's due to poor wifi though - i did a speed test and the Uni wifi downlaod speed was 2mb (I'll plug the ethernet in next time)! I think (hope) they were doing something to the network as it's not normally that bad. Also tested it at home, I pay for 200MB download, but getting 60 on a good day, so will need to chase that up too! Thanks for checking though.