Some objects in my scene display as inverted

Some objects in my uploaded scene display as if they’re inverted, but they’re not. I’m not sure what the problem is, as the normals in Maya display as, well, normal. I imported 3 lights with the scene but they don’t seem to have any effect on whether or not the surfaces display inverted. Specifically, there are some books, the rug and bookshelf that prefer to be lit from beneath.

I believe most of the display issues are on objects that have no back-faces, but i was led to believe this wasn’t going to be an issue.

I have a feeling, you got some flipped faces.Not sure how to fix this in Maya, but basically you select the faces are flipped and press Flip button on 3Ds Max.

Edit. You can set Single sided rendering in Sketchfab editor and see if the faces are actually flipped.

This is the screenshot from maya
Setting single sided in SF makes the outside of the objects disappear- are some normals flipping on import?

Can you share the scene? I will check it on 3dsmax and see if aI can help

Ah crap- i’m new here I don’t know how to do that. File extension is .ma and this website doesn’t want to use it. I can make the scene downloadable?

Sure, I will try t out

Hah, looks very strange. 3Ds max opens it up correctly and renders it correctly too. But if I upload it to Sketchfab, it looks inverted. I have tried resetting XForm which had no effect.
The only possible solution is to flip the normals and export it this way. It will look inverted on Maya/Max, but on Sketchfab it will look OK.

I will give it a go again tomorrow after work. If you will find solution, please shear it :slight_smile:

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I have tried a few things and only inverting normals helps (but apparently the light messes up), or you can always export it as OBJ and it helps too.

I found this topic about similar problem with Maya and Marmoset. It looks like if you somehow mirror objects in Maya, they bug out or something.

Hey, good news, I found the real solution.
Its in here:

What you did was you scaled the mesh in negative position, and it messed up.