Some Voxel Vehicles

(Theteaguns) #1

Been messing around with voxels for a while now, mostly making tanks. For some reason I'm just addicted to making them. Figured I should make a thread to share a few. Feedback and criticism are of course welcome :smile:

Made this hot rod tank a few days ago and it's by far my favorite voxel tank so far.

Hot Rod Tank by TheTeaGuns on Sketchfab

Clowns can be scary, especially when they have a six-wheeled monster truck of doom.

Clown Van by TheTeaGuns on Sketchfab

I use MagicaVoxel, and sometimes Blender to assemble bigger or more complex models. More random voxel vehicles to come.

(Nomadking) #2

It feels like something out of Wacky Races. Good stuff :smile:

(Theteaguns) #3

Thanks, glad ya like it!

(Theteaguns) #4

Just finished a little motorcycle inspired by Mad Max.

Voxel Mad Max Motorcycle by TheTeaGuns on Sketchfab