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Somebody is making money with my 3D Model - What should I do

(Ndrakey) #1

Edit: Thats the guy Im talking about:

Hey guys, A few years ago I started with a model that took almost 1 year to create. I posted an early 3D concept of it in a facebook group that had a huge resonance. I think back then some smart guy asked me if I was interested in collaborating with him. As that model wasnt finished, I decided to give him the early concept, so he could experiment 3D printing it.
I never heard of him again.

I think that almost 2 years have passed and by accident I found that someone does business with it thorugh facebook. It`s 100% one of my models, painted and ready to deliver.
(Edit: Heres a picture)
He must have started a company with a few other guys and is selling my model.

I guess that company is based somewhere in Asia. Is there anything I could do about it? My mistake was to give him the model saying he could use it. I never thought he would sell it. I havent contacted him yet.

Is there anything I could/ should do?

(Dark Minaz) #2

First thing would be to contact him, maybe he just though for some reason that it's fine for him to do.
(people are weird like that sometimes)

From a legal action this is going to be hard to a) proof that he stole it (if you gave it to him) b) find a way to charge him from another nation.

I live in asia but i never sued anyone so far, so i sadly can't give you any real information on that. And i guess a request takedown won't really matter to them if it's just from a single person.

Also what asian country, laws are way different in china/thailand/cambodia/japan/singapore it's like day and night.

So again id go with "talk with him" and maybe ask for a cut or if he can take it down.

(Ndrakey) #3

Ok guys after having a good laugh at his argumentation i felt like f**k it!

Im attaching the conversation as a warning for all of you not to give away any of your work.
If this guy is smart enough he will change the shape a little and trow it on the market anyways:

I wonder how he knew my nickname was "ndrakey" :smiley:
And I wonder how Solidworks could handle organic shapes :S

(Dark Minaz) #4

Yeah, it's really hard to prove especially if it is something that exists in nature. Even if it's exactly the same model.
Making a few tiny adjustments here and it's really hard to prove (court didn't exactly update since 2000) Singapore got some semi strict laws against those things, But that only really applies to trademarks and with a giant legal team.

So yeah, not share with people you don't trust or only on stuff you don't exactly care about.

(Ndrakey) #5

Heres the early version of my shrimp btw. You guys decide:

(Ndrakey) #6


(Ndrakey) #7

Okay after all that sh*t I feel like uploading the model to thingiverse so everyone can print his own :smiley:

(Bart) #8

Ouch sorry to hear about all that. Just a few thoughts:

  • I can't really judge from pictures if the models are actually identical, you'd have to see a wireframe for that I think?
  • If you shared an early version of the model and he did in fact invest a lot of time into finishing it, then from a legal perspective it might be hard to prove it's still the same model too?

(Chaitanyak) #9

like @dark_minaz said when it comes to models of natural objects..
its difficult for any judge to side with either of you..
the judge would just wonder if both of you happened to use the same refrence photos/material to begin with.

There have been cases where two Nobel laureates had to share the nobel prize, because both came up with the same invention/discovery at the same time and no one could prove who copied who!
theres also the theory of "Multiple Discovery" more -

Anyway its sad to hear about :frowning:
But i thought your choice of making it freely available on thingiverse is excellent :slight_smile: :trophy:
An elegant solution to an ugly situation :slight_smile:

(Timeless3d) #10

These are two different models, it's likely that he took inspiration for yours. But I can point out several noticeable differences, a major one being that the legs on his extend to the majority of the body.