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Somehow my models don't have any color (all white) while imported from magicavoxel to sketchfab [SOLVED]

(Kien Tran) #1

As I said in the title, I've tried a couple times with different models but same results, they have no color. All are completely white.
Here's what I did : I made a model in magicavoxel > colored it ( I dont render it ) > Exported it as a OBJ, file and uploaded it on Sketchfab.
Here are some photos :

and here's the model in sketchfab

by Kien.Tran
on Sketchfab



by Kien.Tran
on Sketchfab

Is this because I have no graphic card ?

(Tiagojdferreira) #2

Hi @Kien.Tran ,

When you export your model from Magicavoxel do you only get the .obj file or do you also get a .png file with the color palette?

Also, @elbriga made a post on importing Magicavoxel to Sketchfab, you might want to check it.


(Kien Tran) #3

I only get the obj. file

(Elbriga) #4

You should definently get a texture file and use it as described in the tutorial. If it doesn't work, you could try the second method I describe, using the .ply export.
The texture will be named sceneName.png

(Tiagojdferreira) #5

I will take a look at Magicavoxel once I am home, but usually when you export there should be a .png file.

Here is an example from one of my models:

What I usually do is create a zip file that contains the .obj and the .png and upload it.

(Kien Tran) #6

I found the png file, and I uploaded the rar file that contains the .obj and the .png as you said but same result, all white

(Kien Tran) #7

I will try

(Kien Tran) #8

oh never mind it works now lol thanks