Someone who tries to sell stuff they don't own what happens to them here?

(Solphist) #1

So today I found on this site something I recognised as belonging to someone else. As an indie dev I hate copyright thieves, they at best waste my time but worse can expose me to the risk of being sued.

I informed the copyright holder and the offending item has been removed from sale.
the guy still has 500+ models for SALE on this site?

I’m pretty disappointed by this response, since it’s a very clear and deliberate breach of copyright with the intent to profit from it. Any brief look at “his” models would reveal multiple entries belonging to other people. Grouper, angelfish not exactly hard to locate offending items.

So what I am asking is, what if anything, are you doing to someone who is in clear breach of copyright law and attempting to profit from it?

At the moment it looks like you remove the offending item and the thief laughs all the way to the bank since they are still selling items now.

I don’t see a way to see copyright violations attached to a seller?
So buyer beware… I guess?

(Bart) #2

Hi Solphist,

We’re currently implementing a new policy to prevent this from happening; could you please contact us at to pass the information of the seller in question?