Something broked at 3D sketchfab

(Justwantfun) #1

Something broked at 3D sketchfab.Before everything was fine and models uploaded normal ,but something happended and now models are broken if i upload them?!!! Before After!


Hey sorry about that. I believe this is a known problem that we're working on. @marc or @waleguene can you confirm this is the same issue?

(Mrchlblng) #3

@justwantfun this is due to an update on our compression processing that unfortunately broke some models. It'll be fixed in the next release and will require a reupload.


@justwantfun If you re-upload the model it should be ok now.

(Justwantfun) #5

Just made a new model and all are still broken


@justwantfun It looks ok to me, what's the problem?

(Justwantfun) #7

There are all materials with mirror effects and alll looks like its was just in water 2 sec ago

(Stephomi) #8

Hmm, did you try to edit the material in the editor?
You can reduce the specular if you want a rougher surface.
I suggest you to try the PBR rendering (and play with the roughness slider)

(Justwantfun) #9

ok i will try,thx!....................