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Something wrong with my shader


(Kristijonasbakas) #1

Hey guys I dont understend what happend with my maya export (tryed boath fbx and obj) dublicates of the same mesh apears like it is lit from diferent directions (tryed reversing normals and so on) shader is the same for boath models. I tryed playing with custom lightning but that thing confuses me even more, doesent seem to work at all. Aswell same abnormalityes happends when I try adjusting materials, some models gets cool reflecions but others somehow colides together and becomes one flat mirror in wich is imosible to identify shaded meshes. Hope you guys gona help me, im big fan of skeachfab, would be pity if i could not solve this problem.

(Mrchlblng) #2

You seem to have some normals inconsistencies (as reported in the processing logs)

As you can see (or not see actually), some parts of your geometries have normals pointing inwards. Could it be that you used some mirroring modifiers (that we do not suport well) or used some negative scale somewhere?
Having primitives "clockwiseness" different from what we expect (and change in clockwiseness) tends to be hard to debug.

(Kristijonasbakas) #3

Hey thanx alot for your help, I have tryed to inspect normals of vertexes and faces but nothing seems wrong in maya. I deleted all atribute history and that meens it shouldnt be efected by any modifyers, right? You might be right that I used negative scaling at some point. I still can't solve this isue. Maby picture will help.

(Gistold) #4

Hey Kristijonasbakas, MAYA ITS A TRAP ! GO MAX ! (so... no ok..).
I think you have created each piece with cylinder base, right ?

If yes, I think you have take an Ngon border for extrude by edge. (looks like)

Maybe, maybe not, if yes I think you have continue your model in this direction.

If you do not have a problem in viewport in MAYA or MAX, it's "normal" if you work in Standard viewport (or if you have twoside material) for example, in this image, look like good BUT it's not good, SAME problem)

an "clue" is visible (the shade is no longer present) and indicating a problem if you work in "normal" viewport with shadow.

If you use the two side mode, look like good because two side on material system in maya and max cast a shadow on mesh (in "normal" viewport). example :

SO, WHATEVER, mate, for HARD RESET and resolve your probleme, look that :

It's in MAX because I dont have MAYA here, but it's same way, hope helping :slight_smile:
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(Kristijonasbakas) #5

Damn Gistold, you are awsome, thanx and I will try ths as soon as I will be at home.