Sometimes I cannot see the model via mobile or tablets

(Mingdao) #1

I've embeded my models on a web which has been design for mobile phones. When I visualize them, sometimes I can interact with them without any problem, but there are times that, apparently randomly, it says there is a problem and I cannot even enter the model. I've checked different mobile phones, I've made a new website only with the 3Dmodel to make sure it was not a problem of the web, and I've even tried to enter the model on the sketchfab web and it's the same.

I place here the two models:


What 3D software are you using to make your models? These examples, as well as the .3ds format generally, tend to have a lot of unique materials, meshes, and other nodes in the scene. This can be difficult for mobile devices to parse and render.

Reducing CPU and RAM usage on your devices from other browser tabs and applications could help, but optimizing the models will help more.