Soocat #3December entries

(Soo Cat) #1

A bit late to the party, but just found out about the challenge and decided to give it a try :smiley:

(Soo Cat) #2

First day model done, used more time than i should, lets hope the next one will be better aswell :smiley:

(Soo Cat) #3

Finally got around to finish the second day haha, alot of stuff happend with my life the last 4-5 days which caused me to not be able to work, but finally able to work again :smiley: now onto the next day

(Soo Cat) #4

Day 3 done :sunglasses: would have improved some things, specially the trees, but gotta work fast :stuck_out_tongue:

(Soo Cat) #5

Not gonna lie, fruitcakes doesnt look that good :joy: kinda happy with the result tho :smiley: