Sorting a group of models in a folder


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The liberty to sort your models freely seems to be absent overall. The "order by" box only applies to statisics and is not available for individual folders. In my case, having groups of similar objects ( I would like to be able to sort them alphabetically, but I can image a lot of other situations where manual sorting would be even better (drag and drop). Sharing a group of models in a specific sequence would really matter for a lot of applications (in my case for education).
And then, while I am at it, it would be useful to have a single click button to go to the next model in the same folder. Now I just get quick links to models from different groups.
To put it briefly: I would like to be able to browse though the models in a folder in a specific order (clicking next or previous), without going back to the folder itself after viewing each model.




We're working on these kinds of improvements. cc @mauricesvay

You can use a Playlist to browse through a folder:

By the way, you can delete the "Model URL" template stuff if it's not relevant instead of posting an empty message and a second message.