Sorting options/filters for collections

Hey team!
My last part of Collections Crusade :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be fun if collections had filtering and sorting options, at least classic “Most liked/ Most viewed/ Most recent”

EDIT: i’m talking about sorting inside collections themselves, not among them

Right now, afaik, they are only displayed in plain chronological order, by addition date from recent to old, so for example chances of digging out something “old, but gold” are growing lesser as the collection grows bigger.

IMHO adding some flexible browsing option would improve collections attractiveness as a concept

you can sort collections out by date, (daily, monthly, yearly, all time) , likewise you can sort by most subs (which in this case in equivalent to most likes) most models and relevance, all accessed via the menu on the top right

Hey Tycho!
Good point, I wasn’t specific enough - I meant lack of options inside one given collection, not when browsing heaps of collections. When I open up a collection and want to browse it, there’s not much to do in terms of sorting

oh… doh! right gotcha, actually that is a nice idea, ill thumbs up that!