Sound Button Broken at first start/state


(Redy) #1

Hi there!
Our sound design team have been uploading models with sounds constantly to sketchfab and we are getting some strange behavior with the sound button. It needs to be clicked several times before it actually reproduces the sound, and also it rarely plays at start. (even if you go to another model, leave the sound playing and then go back to another model with sound.) The error can be reproduced both in the mobile and browser versions of sketchfab.

We recorded 2 videos reproducing the error:

System Specs:


  • Windows 10 x64
  • RAM 16GB
  • Intel i7 3770
  • Nvidia 660Ti

iPhone 5S:

  • iOS 11+

(Paul Sketch) #2

Thanks for the bug report, we reproduced and will look into it.

(Paul Sketch) #3

turns out you have animation not a 1x speed.
That Disables sound playing.
(the bug is that you can override it by clicking the volume button)

(Redy) #4

hmmm that’s a good thing to know! Thanks alot for the heads up. :slightly_smiling_face: