Sound/music in sketchfab


(Leinadien) #1

I'm sure this has been discussed before but music/sound support would be really neat to see in sketchfab. I'm working on quite a realistic face that I plan to animate and upload onto sketchfab. It'll probably just be an idle animation with the head turning and looking around, blinking. It's of a certain character that happens to have lines in movies, I thought what would be cool is if the head spoke it's lines as the animation is being played.

I'll probably bake a realistic render onto the texture then add a slight realtime shadow to the model, ignoring sketchfab's materials and end up with something that looks like a rendered picture instead of a game model. Bake the hair physics as the character changes his facial expressions and turns his head around. If done correctly a voice would really sell it I think, just a suggestion.



We have been experimenting with some basic sound/music, where you can add a (looping) track to the whole scene. But, it could be some time before we support audio linked to specific animation takes.

cc @mauricesvay


We just launched our Sound feature!

(Lpdenmark) #4

Thats a real nice feature, tried it, and it´s just to browse
and find the mp3 on your PC, and upload, nice :slight_smile: