Sound placement bug?

I´m placing a 3D sound in the editor and then rotate the scene. The sound adapts to the rotation perfectly, as I look in a different direction the sound keeps shifting, to be heard from the direction where I placed it. But once I save and exit, the sound does not have the right direction when rotating at all, it stays in my right ear even when rotating right. Why is this? Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? Tell me if you need more info (first post…)

Update: sometimes it works, sometimes not! I attach an image with where the sound source is. How do you percieve it when rotating?


it seems there is a bug on how sound is initialized with sketchfab, I can reproduce it here.

Thanks for the report!


Hi, thanks for your reply!
Sorry, what do you mean by you can reproduce it here? Can you clarify? English limit :slight_smile:

I can reproduce the bug on our computer, that means that we have all information in order to fix it :slight_smile:

That´s great!! Does that mean fixing this specific model or fixing the bug entirely for the future?
(uploading a lot of test models at the moment :wink: )

Fixing the bug, independently of models.
once bug fixed, it will be on all models, without needs of any intervention

Perfect :+1: :+1:
When can it be fixed?

*Hard to tell, will have to look at it to know more, will post here once we know more.

Alright, thanks! Get in touch if you need more info.