Sound support in Sketchfab


(Alban) #1

I've made very basic experiments of combining a sound with a Sketchfab animation, here is an example:

This seams like an obvious feature, but I was wondering how many of you would actually use it? The main question is that it's hard to make a soundtrack matching an animation perfectly. 3D artists are not sound designers. But an MVP of the feature could be to simply let you add a background sound (for example by simply pasting a soundcloud link), do you think this would be a valuable feature?

If yes, feel free to share your own test using jsfiddle like I did to combine Sketchfab + Soundcloud embeds in autostart mode.

Thanks for the feedback!

(Lambtoncountymuseums) #2

Yes, would very much like this functionality. Even for static models, as you could embed commentary, or music, etc. Or, audio annotations with, or without, the text version, triggered when you hit the numbers, would also be very cool.

(Dark Minaz) #3

I think a lot of music issues could follow a direct fusion, including copyright issues. (at least i don't have 1 sound on my pc that i "created" well with exception of some terrible teamspeak snippets)

But as an option, would it be possible to kinda have it like your jsfiddle (just a smaller audio line)
And to have a button that loads both first, and then once you hit play it would start them?
Or the animation/music wold be out of sync depending on the internet speed.

I mean the only good uses i personally see are noises (for scary model animations), gun shots (for guns .. ..), sword clashes/saber (for example for some of the starwars animations) , and all of them have to kinda be in sync.

Just to have background sound .. then i can just post a link to soundcloud and say "listen to this while watching it for a better experience".

Sure a static model ship with a pirates soundtrack would be awesome, but i think having a "music" link would be enough in that case (would also help copyright, since you just link to it)

well just my part on it :smile:

(Alban) #4

Thanks, very helpful feedback! I tend to think the same way, except that it can be nice to have a music environment without having to click on a link.


This is a great idea! eventually it could stream inside sketchfab, this is because VR handles sound really good. Also doesnt sound embed in FBX now? maybee im mistaken, but I would love to see some how a foley track for the sound effects. or how about a simple offset funtion, that way we could sync any soundcloud to a sketchfab. Heres a link to a movie sound track I did recently.

(Dark Minaz) #6

Yes, it would, but i don't know the law well enough to know if you can just set a specific track a background sound. I just assume you can't without running into some kind of troubles.
Or you would have to check every sound before letting it out. Linking it to a alternative page solves that quite easy.

(Sigmo92) #7

I was searching for the feature of implementing sound now, i kind of expected it to be here due to the vr connection. Lots of environments and scenes could be way better with some atmospheric music or sound effects. Would also be cool to have activation points for sound affects or chnge in music like the tags in the environments. And for the people moaning about copy right, thereflection is common licence music there, or music designers or make your own:p

(Segerbergmedia) #8

Regarding copyrights, it wouldnt be up to sketchfab. The producer, uploader, have The responsability to ensure media is ok to use.

(Mauricesvay) #9

We are definitely working on sound. Stay tuned.