#SoundOfArt2017 Art Studio 4.01

(Miguelangelo2k) #1

This is my final entry for the Sound of your art contest. It’s my vision of an Art studio 4.0.
It’s a fictive art production line. How would it look and sound to manufacture my digital art in the future ? What tools would i use ? The art sculptures represent some of my best 3D Art. Put on your headphones, it might be a bit noisy in here…
The artist creates the envisioned sculpture in VR (e.g. Gravity sketch VR ) and sends the file to a 3D Printer. A 3D model is printed for the enlarging process. The shape of this model is scanned by a 3D photon scanner. Then produced with the M.P.T.P. (materialization photon transform printer). Everything is powered with a photon mill. The multi talented Georgy ( named after the famous kubist George Braque ) takes care of the dangerous and heavy work. Georgy enjoys distopian tunes on his radio when working. While the artists can have a break and discuss the next project. Everything is automated…even the wine :wink:
Built in Virtual Reality with Gravity Sketch VR. Move around to find the different sounds. Track by Maestro Billy: ” Lovemachine”.

Best viewed in first person and with annotation autopilot. Here is a page with everything set : http://visual-gimmicks.lima-city.de/support/Art-Studio-4.0.html


Deadline extended! Feel free to keep adding on, if you'd like!

(Miguelangelo2k) #3

Hi Seori
thats good to hear...still had problems with the positioning of the sounds...its a bit buggy...