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#SoundOfArt2017 Beat The Game


(Worm Animation) #1

Beat the Game is a surreal adventure game where you find your way by collecting items and discovering sounds.

Sounds you find introduce cinematic cutscenes as the story unfolds. You can combine a soda can with a drumstick to unlock hi-hat sounds or search the hidden corners of the world and you might run across a character who will share a bassline with you.

You’re equipped with a Sound Scanner to help you track down sounds. Rapidly hunt the desert for hidden objects by remote controlled “Roboball” with its first person camera.

You create new combinations of sounds with your portable holographic music mixer complete with volume faders and effects. After collecting all the sounds, you will perform a live show.

Beat The Game will be a beautiful addition to your game library. Get ready to pump up your volume, dim your lights,
and enjoy this unique style of artwork.

Esteemed house and techno producer, Marc Houle, is scoring the soundtrack, ensuring the player is always capable of crafting their very own club thumper.

Character and environment Cemre Ozkurt
Animation Ferit Yucel
Rigging Sinan Eroglu
Original Music By Marc Houle
Scene Assembly by Goktug Demir


This is beautiful! The contest ends next week so feel free to add more sounds!