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#SoundOfArt2017 Rock Giant

(Nathanwondrak) #1

Here is my final entry, almost forgot to post it with the Sound of Art title. I can post a ton of work in progress shots if any one wants, or just download the file and have fun.


Hah, this is great! Love that police cars don't seem to bug him and the great touch of the sfx when he adjusts his elbows.

Deadline is Monday, so if you still want to add last minute changes, feel free!

(Nathanwondrak) #3

Thanks :yum:, yeah I had a lot of fun playing with those sfx. Awesome, I think I read on someone's post that we are allowed to have multiple entries and I have been wanting to add music to pretty much all of my models. That is if I have enough time with my friends having birthdays and art gallery shows this weekend. Either way I'm sure I'll get to them sooner or later, thanks for the info and have a great weekend.