#SoundWIP2017 "Area 51 Phuture Phunk Club"

(Miguelangelo2k) #1

Long have i waited for sound ...thank you Sketchfab team for making this happen...
I know a few of you are looking forward to seeing what i come up with...
Well i am 3D designer and not a sound guy, so i get some help from two friends, who are sound engineers and composers and enthusiastic to work on fun and art sketchfab projects... I don't know if it's against the rules, to get help on that...if it's OK, i would love to participate...[ Question to the team: is it OK ?)
Here is my first attempt for the contest with sound and music by Maestro Billy.
It's an older model that has been screaming " ADD SOUND ! " since i uploaded it.
Due to the reverse camera motion it is quite hard to use 3D sound and place it in the model, so we had to go for a solution that works mainly with 2D sound...we try to add some 3D sounds in the next days...
Enjoy with first person navigation. And a little tip...if you wanna look around in the club, please stop the animation, or you get kicked out from the club and don't get back in :wink:

(Rybird) #2

It had a hard time loading, script busy, reload page, same thing, waiting, it loaded. I was confused about whether to interact with it, move the model around, which I did the first time. Sound was choppy, The second time animation came around it was better as I let the animation go. So , I have a suggestion which I think would solve all these issues. Cut the first 45 seconds out. Get straight to where the door shuts, the club is hopping. The engagement factor would be better and so probably will the loading times? I can tell it's professional quality work, "I can't even make an animation" but I am merely looking at it as anyone that might view it, which is on a workstation pc. Hope this helps. cheers, Ry

(Miguelangelo2k) #3

Sorry for the hassle with my animation...i forgot, how hard this one is to handle...its one of my first animations and the main goal was the reverse camera animation... i wanted to use sound with it, since i made it...maybe not the best choice for the contest...also i am running into problems with placing 3D sound in it...while the elevator moves, the entire club is shrinked and hidden in the rooftop of the elevator...so when i place sounds in the club, they dont stay, where i set them...tricky thing , due to the hierachy in the animation...
I will build a little embed page with the settings to first person view to enhance the 360 video character...
Btw Your work is absolutely stunning !

(Rybird) #4

Most of that is still over my head, I do hope you end up with it how you like. And wish you the best with your work and teh contest. And thank you kindly for the beautiful comment. and your support. Cheers! Ry


This is really amazing @miguelangelo2k! Unfortunately, no specific technical pointers on my end, but I really love the narrative and vibe you've captured.

(Miguelangelo2k) #6

Thanks Seori...still trying to get the sound placed right...when i had built it, sound was far away and i might not be able to get it right...but i am working on another scene...

(Nathanwondrak) #7

Entranced... I'm definitely going to have to show my friends this.

(Miguelangelo2k) #8

Hi...this is a page with the model embedded...its now like a 360 video and one cannot zoom out or in...http://visual-gimmicks.lima-city.de/support/area51.html

(Miguelangelo2k) #9

Hi...this is a page with the model embedded...

(Rybird) #10

After about 30 seconds of waiting, it has a progress bar of halfway, stops and gives me this.
I suspect the model is too large or complex.
Hope this helps.

(Miguelangelo2k) #11

Thats weird...i dont get this error...the model isn't too large it's less than 1 million polys...
will check it out...
does it happen with my new submission too ?

(Rybird) #12

After 19 seconds I get script busy error, I click continue and two seconds later it plays and looks awesome!
by size I mean file size, which is usually measured in megabytes. I am not sure of the process of how the software loads, but I think your animation is in megabytes and loads first, if it does not load in a certain time, then a browser may give a time out or script busy error. So apparently the script is too large in megabytes.
If you shorted the animation to just 10 seconds I am sure you would clear the hurdle
or even 30 seconds would probably load on more browsers 10 seconds of someone watching anything now is a long time. but for youf beautiful work
I think 30 seconds is prime, like a tv commercial spot is only 30 seconds.
The only other way to reduce it would be to lower the quality, bit rate and I don't suggest that.
It's looks like winning work to me!

(Miguelangelo2k) #13

I know the file is quite big , because of all the keys for the animation and some of the geometry is heavy...
the problem is when i edit the fbx file in length and reupload it , i loose my material settings and its another hours of work to do all the texturing again...it's an older model...have you seen my other animation the artstudio ?...does it make problems too ?

(Rybird) #14

I understand the work. Which animation? You have a vast collection of work. But I would love to see it, just need a link or something. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Miguelangelo2k) #15

my other entry for the sound contest: https://skfb.ly/6sLYY

(Rybird) #16

Looks fantastic! but sketchfabs sounds are down. It took the same 20 seconds to load and a busy script error
I am using firefox on strong pc with high speed cable. I have no way to test it on other system.
It played and looked great! colorful, lots of action.!
I will wait a few hours and try again, I even rebooted my computer. All sounds work, you tube, media player but no sketchfab on any model.
I will try again later.