#SoundWIP2017 Baby's Room


(Creativeblendproductions) #1

I don't have any concept art or screen shots at this time. But I would like to enter the contest. :smiley:


Added one month!

Is 'Baby's Room' an idea?

(Creativeblendproductions) #3

Yes it is! :smiley:

(Creativeblendproductions) #4

Here is my scene wip. No textures, lighting or sound yet coming soon I hope. :smiley:

(Creativeblendproductions) #5

Almost done! Just need to get a few things finished up! Comment? :smiley:


Deadline extended! Feel free to keep adding on, if you'd like!

(Creativeblendproductions) #7

Awesome! Also in my scene when I add sounds and I move one it moves all the sounds to that location. For my 3D sounds.

(Creativeblendproductions) #8

Here is my final entry. Hope you all enjoy it and the sounds work good. :smiley:


Amazing-- really quite an ambience with the lighting and sounds.

(Creativeblendproductions) #10

Thanks, really proud of how it turned out.. :smiley: