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#SoundWIP2017 "Bay Area Housing Authority"


(Skyeshark) #1

I created this scene for use in the sound contest, I haven't added the sounds yet, but the base scene is complete! The soundscape will consist of ocean sounds, the engine sounds of the drone, and a series of computerized announcements that tell the narrative of the scene.... This will be primarily designed to be best viewed using VR.

"The year is 2047.

Earlier in the decade, the housing/rent crisis in the bay area got so bad that the government stepped in and began construction of large, modular, capsule-style apartment complexes.

Posh by the standards of 2017, these housing units were considered slummy in their own time, lacking much of the luxuries of the period. Of course, the lack of modern accomodations wasn't the worst of it....

...The worst of it was when the local government decided to relocate your apartment ... with you still in it!"

(Skyeshark) #3

Okay so when someone sees this - I have a few questions, related to my scene.....

Is there any way to hide the sketchfab floor in VR mode? It blocks the view of the bay through the window. Also, I can't seem to get any kind of scale for the player between 50 or 100... and 100 is too large and 50 too small, am I just going to have to resize my scene?

Thanks ahead of time for any answers!

(Skyeshark) #4

Also, the VR player character can't move with animations in the environment can they? This would be a nice feature to add, I was considering making the house move in an unstable manner or even fall off the drone, but without the ability to have the player docked to an object like sounds can be, it wouldn't really work.

(Skyeshark) #5

Also, if someone knows a better way to do the volumetric fog that won't produce the shading lines like it does here, I'd love to hear about it!


Added 1 month-- the story sounds amazing (almost too real!) and the water is unbelievable!

Hiding the floor has been in the works for awhile and the VR character (you) moving with the environment as opposed to being fixed to the floor is an awesome idea! At the moment, both probably aren't workable right now since VR requires a floor for navigation and the character isn't quite built for that yet.

Unfortunately, my 3D skills aren't quite up to par so I can't help out with the volumetric fog but there will definitely be others that can soon!

(Skyeshark) #7

Ah, well its easy enough to offset the floor slightly inside the apartment pod so that its not blocking the vinyl boards, all it really blocks is the view of the ocean out the window. What about the scale thing, is scaling the VR player between 50 and 100 not possible?

Also thanks for the compliments! :slight_smile:

(Skyeshark) #8

Oh also I ran into an issue when I was playing around with the sounds a bit -- there seems to be a split second gap in audio when the animation loop restarts? I was messing around and when I tried to stick ambient sound loops into the short sequence I have already, it produced a small gap each time the anim rolled back over to the beginning.

(Rlockett) #9

nice work! I've had similar issue with the way the sound loops, there seems to be some padding to it before it plays again, i'm asking support about it


Deadline extended! Feel free to keep adding on, if you'd like!

(Skyeshark) #12

Omg! Thank you for fixing some of my concerns about the VR! Both the scaling issue and the hiding the floor thing... thanks SF team!

(Skyeshark) #13

Okay, so I'm putting the narrative into a short loop like I originally wanted, in order to get around the gap for the ambient sounds of the ocean and the engine, I just made them in a way where they have silence that can overlap with the gap! I'm moving on to adding the voice announcements now.

(Nathanwondrak) #14

This is just ridiculously cool, how do you view it in VR, do you have an android phone?

(Skyeshark) #15

Thanks, still trying to position sounds and finish up here (having some trouble with sound positioning reverting and stuff)... Firefox has a browser called Nightly and Google has Chrome with WebVR for desktop viewing, otherwise yea, use any smartphone with a cardboard-style headset or Gear VR and dive in!

(Skyeshark) #16

@seori @bartv I am completely unable to finish this currently, the 3d sound position is behaving completely erratically, reverting back to the center of the scene and ignoring geometry positioning -- as well, when its not doing that, all the 3d sounds get stuck on each other -- when I try to position one individually, the others follow. :frowning: ---

UPDATE: I have tried on Nightly, Chrome and Edge and now all three simply appear to be lock all 3d sounds to the center of the scene and do not allow me to move them in any way. However, when I go into the scene, some of the sounds still have my previously saved locations applied, even though they appear to be in the center in the editor.

Another update: I was able to get all the sounds placed -- apparently, they are only positionable right after adding them/uploading them to the scene, otherwise they will revert to reporting false locations that are unmovable -- either the same location as the previous 3D sound, or the scene center.

(Nathanwondrak) #17

That's awesome you found a way around it! I will have to give that a try.

(Bart) #18

Sorry to hear about your troubles! We've been looking into this, but it's not simple to debug. Once the fix is online we'll let you know.

Glad to hear you found a workaround though! :+1: