#SoundWIP2017 - Kitchen Scene Diorama


(Autumnpioneer) #1

I've decided to take my scene, delve into animation for the first time ever! AND add some sounds to it! All should be finished by the deadline tonight, but i'm currently re-uploading my model with animation so I can get it on the way!

(Autumnpioneer) #2

So i just finished recording some sounds! I hope the quality will be good enough, since i just used my phone to record them. I don't really have a good microphone or fancy equipment!

(Autumnpioneer) #3

Sounds are going in! Looks like there seems to be some issues with them moving position in 3D space but it will be finished soon!

(Autumnpioneer) #4

Sound is in!! Check it out here! https://sketchfab.com/models/5a650ca873b543f88d564917918d9ed0 Make sure to view in HD!!


Deadline extended! Feel free to keep adding on, if you'd like!

(Nathanwondrak) #6

Nice job hand painting and that' awesome how much personality the animation gave this little scene, especially the toast.