#SoundWIP2017 My Submission so far [WIP]


(Rlockett) #1


Comments and criticism welcome :slight_smile: still working on the audio! this is an art gallery I've made to showcase my pencil portraits, the first 4 I have described some of the creative process behind them.


Added one month! Looks lovely-- only thing I'd recommend is camera constraints so that the viewer feels like they are in the scene!

(Rlockett) #3

Thanks :slight_smile: may give it a try - i'll have to give up the annotations if i add camera constraints though right?


Valid point-- your choice on which method you want to go with. It's quite lovely as it is. :slight_smile:

(Rlockett) #5

its hard to say really, i feel like some people may struggle to align the camera to view the pictures properly, here's a camera constrained version but doesn't allow me to zoom any further since the center point has to be in the middle or the room:


I see! Got to go with the one that's more immersive!

(Rlockett) #7

absolutely, is anyone able to view this one in VR? my phone spec is sadly under-powered and i'm without occulus or vive unfortunately - raah!


I could, but that was just using basic google cardboard.

Also, deadline extended! Feel free to keep adding on, if you'd like!

(Rlockett) #9

yay! thank you, this is great news :slight_smile:

(Rlockett) #10

Thats it i'm finished :slight_smile: cant do camera constraints with the annotation so I've artificially made the centre of the model the middle of this circular room, so that orbiting movements circle the middle of the room. The sounds seem to work so i'm leaving them alone now!


Awesome! Is the embed the final?

(Rlockett) #12

This is my final submission, although they are all the same model, this one just has fps navigation mode :slight_smile: i know its after the submission deadline so it doesn't really matter which one is judged :slight_smile:

(Nathanwondrak) #13

Such a good use of annotations, also great touch with window light and the curtains waving, did you export this as .abc to get it to move like that?

(Rlockett) #14

Hey thanks, nah the curtain was simulated with massfx in max, then baked out to morthtarget frames using a maxscript, the window lights were subtley animated by hand, and the floor highlights move too but im sure thats barely noticable :stuck_out_tongue: found the secret message?

(Nathanwondrak) #15

That sounds like a hand script, yeah I noticed the light also the rainbow one from the top was a nice touch. Do you mean the butterfly as the secret message?

(Rlockett) #16

Yeah i have a thing for light dispersion, i love it. The secret message is hidden by animation, in a breezy place and theres a hint in the book on the table

(Nathanwondrak) #17

That sounds pretty cool, I looked at work today but must have missed it. Let me know if anyone solves it!