#SoundWIP2017 "Sky Islands"

(Chaitanyak) #1

Hi all, I've been streaming my progress on twitch (archives at youtube)..

My idea is to have 3 islands floating in somekind of white space.. each island will have an audio track designed for it. These tracks will be positioned in 3d space so you only hear the track of an island when your close to it.

A fourth track will just be a common ambient track.. maybe musical.

Heres the model:

and the process thus far -

(Chaitanyak) #2

Taking a break from this while I work on the audio with Arjun Chandran
.. will resume streaming and updating soon.
meanwhile you can listen to his other work below-


(Nathanwondrak) #3

Cool streaming video, I also used blender and it's always fun seeing other people's workflow. Good stuff.

(Chaitanyak) #4

thanks @nathanwondrak


Deadline extended! Feel free to keep adding on, if you'd like!