#SoundWIP2017 "Subway's lights"

(Francoisespagnet) #1

Hi, for this project I am inspired by the work of Romain Tardy.
You can see my references on Pinterest
I don't want to make something realistic but play with lights / emissive

When the modelling will be finished, I don't really know if I start to animate lights based on space and rhythmic and writing something like a lighting score or if I composed music ambiance at first (but no idea).

#SoundWIP2017 “The entrance to the Tomb”
(Rlockett) #2

looking forward to seeing this one! good choice for being able to loop the animation too


Awesome! Really looking forward to this!

(Francoisespagnet) #5

(Francoisespagnet) #6

Now this project is abandoned you can see the new project here :


As you now, the deadline extended! Feel free to keep adding onto this project too, if you'd like!