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(Sawcisson) #1

I’m coming very late to that contest , haven’t seen the news in the blog fast enough :frowning:

But i’m trying to rush something , working low poly and fast workflow to build something for the 27th

Let me share with you what i came up during those days :





I had some troubles with my units when i tried my scene in Mozilla Hub but tweaking some scale did the job .
And i wasn’t able to make the vr work with my phone on sketchfab for some reason so i’m doing all my testing in the mozilla HUB directly.

Let me know your thoughts

(Sawcisson) #4

Deleted my WIP posts which were spamming my model list

Adding new version

(Sawcisson) #5

Added props to the main post

(Sawcisson) #6




(Nebulousflynn) #7

big fan of the hologram globe :globe_with_meridians: :smiley:

(Sawcisson) #8

Thanks :slight_smile:
I will put my empty room now then.
and also what kind of options should i check for the download ?

It was hard to do so much in 2 days , joined kinda late ^^
it’s was a fun contest would be better if i was able to really work on a big scene.

(Nebulousflynn) #9

big resepect for finishing all of this in 2 days! :clap: :clap::clap:

I set my entries (I can’t win as a member of staff :crying_cat_face:) to Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike - but the options are up to you. As long as they are downloadable they are eligible for the challenge.

(Sawcisson) #10

yep it was a hell of a challenging week end :slight_smile: