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Spaceship (Homeworld game style)

(Unifin) #1

I wanted to start doing these homeworld stylized ships, because i just love their colors and style overall.

So. That being said. I want also mod it into that game(Homeworld 2 remastered). And release mod of it :smile:

Bit more detail about model/project itself.
So this is supposed to hiigaran future desing after homeworld 2 events happened.
It is torpedo bomber designed to destroy capital ships in homeworld universe.

Things about maps.

Homeworld 2 remastered engine uses.


All those maps are planned for this ship. Though when i upload this model to sketchfab. It wont have couple of those ,because they are special kind of maps used by Homeworld 2 remastered engine only.

I am doing 2k texture for this.

Programs used.
Blender 3d
Quixel Suite 2.0

Progress so far...

(Unifin) #2

It's ready :smile: And ingame.

Hiigaran Torpedo Bomber by UNIFin on Sketchfab

(Tbzart) #3

great work, Why is it so low poly? will it be for a mobile game?

(Dark Minaz) #4

looks great, never noticed the ships were that pretty, guess i tend to zoom out quite a lot to keep up with the enemy
Especially the texturing is really great.
you could trow in the glow into emission and use the post process filter bloom to let it shine a bit.

Do you plan on making more? as in one for each unit or just the one?