Sparkgirl Supergirl

I would like to share my last piece and some of the screenshots of the process. I hope you like it.

This was the sketch and blocking character. It was inspired by a piece of art from Oliver Vatine but with some modifications.

This was the first detailing and continuous blocking of the female body.

Now She gets some real form and I decide to change the glass helmet for this final helmet. Besides it has some blocking wrinkles.

In this case, I designed the back rockets and detailed the gloves.

Moore props and mordetailing adapting to the body.

First test of painting the character.

Adding more accuracy detail and the gun asset.

The final painting with all the assets.

And finally the Sparkgirl superhero. See she here:



The official artcover


Nice overview, thanks for sharing!

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agreed with bart there, really wonderful to get some insight into how you made it.
And of course the final result is very impressive too. well done!