Spartan sword and shield-Valor and Vigilant

(Ychiang6) #1

Hello Everyone, I’ve been on sketchfab for a while now, and have finally find the guts to put my newest work here.- A dark soul inspired Xiphos and round shield Valor and Vigilant:

Volar and Vigilant

Valor is a enlarged gladius made of brass and steel, brass is hammered

The handle strap is textured, rather than modeled, it’s a new method I decided to experiment on.

It is 90cm in length, 65cm in blade length. Blade is brushed and weathered. Handle is wrapped with engraving.

Backstrap and handle

Dirt, scratches and wear

Vigilant is a bronze-copper forged shield that is 60cm in diameter, with hammered lionhead aesthetic.

Thank you for viewing them, and I hope you at least enjoy a little bit of it. Please feel free to criticize and suggest how to improve and I will try my best to avoid such mistake next time. Thanks.