Spec map intensity changes not saved

(Tomislavveg) #1

This model wont save changes on spec map.


Hmm, what change are you trying to make?

(Tomislavveg) #3

To reduce specularity so he don't looks like he is made of metal. I go to 3D settings, do it, press save, but as soon as im out, everything is back to way it was. Some models don't have that problem, but this one and some others do.


Thanks, we're investigating!


Looks like the issue is with Specular vs Metalness workflow. If you switch to Metalness, it should be ok. We'll get that fixed as soon as we can.

(Maximelebled) #6

I'm having the same issue, though it's not about specular vs metalness for me, it's about roughness vs. glossiness.

My models are all meant to be using the glossiness format, but some of the materials reverted to roughness, and even if I change the setting back to glossiness, it doesn't stick, and it also reverts the slider value to 100.

Here are two of my models which are affected by this bug at the moment:

As you can tell they really shouldn't be that shiny :slight_smile: hope to see a fast fix!

UPDATE: I noticed an interesting trend which might help you troubleshoot this issue! This issue is happening on my scenes which only have ONE material. On my scenes which use two materials, this issue hasn't been occuring (regardless of whether they're a mix of both glossiness-based + roughness-based materials, or only glossiness-based).

(Rigsters) #7

I am experiencing the same problem with roughness/glossiness like @maximelebled on one of the new models.

(Stephomi) #8

Sorry for the inconvenience, it's going to be fixed soon!

(Stephomi) #9

The fix was released yesterday, it should be back to normal!