Special characters in collada uploads

For a configurator project I need to upload models with special characters in their names. Characters such as ! @ # $ % ^ " [ and so on. It happens to be that my client, who has to generate these models, works with cinema4d. The fbx exports from c4d converts most of these special characters to underscores, but a collada export from c4d retains these special characters in some way. The collada contains these characters as ascii codes. My question is, could you add support for these ascii codes so the special characters turn up in sketchfab?
For example, an object with the name {curlybrace is named FBXASC123curlybrace in the collada export. What I’d like is that Sketchfab interprets teh FBXASC123 string in the objectname as a curlybrace {
I know this is quite niche, but I just had to ask!

Interesting. What is the need to preserve such characters in object names?

We’re using it in a project that releases soon. We use characters in object and materialnames to identify what options we should present to the user and to build up a menu hierarchy. It’s a way to avoid static data-files or a backend to manage configuration options.
An objectname could contain door**display=single for instance. This tells the frontend that all objects called door have an on/off switch.
We only need 4 or five special delimiter characters. But after testing with cinema4d only 3 special characters survive fbx or collada export.

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Hmm ok. Could you just use particular strings?

Yes, that’s what I do right now. Collada preserves the following characters: @ _ ^. I’d rather avoid the underscore, because spaces are usually replaced by underscores. I’ve now used qq and xx as delimiter strings. But it makes things a bit harder to read.