Spider Man 2 - Train Fight Scene (Spider x Octopus)


(N3reu) #1

Im just starting to get in this work :wink: Hello!

(N3reu) #2

Thats the movie scene going to be used as reference

(N3reu) #3

And this is all that I have at moment hehe


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This is going to be fun! Awesome WIPs!

(N3reu) #5

Just finished Spider texture painting (solid)
Im planing to keep everything as simple as I can and, if time lets me, do more refinements

(N3reu) #6

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Spider WIP
Now going to start with the train!

(N3reu) #7

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Train wip. Bake of shell material with procedural textures [Cycles <3]

(N3reu) #8

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Thats the story board (or something) that I've just made yesterday (on the bus so.... hehe)
Will be my little guide to animate

(N3reu) #9

moviecontest-wip #spiderman #octopus

I've been without internet access on the weekend but... work doesn't stop!
Now on Octopus WIP, Im going for low poly models (as low as I can) so I can animate on my i3 hehe

(N3reu) #10

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Thats my final baked/handpainted train texture (I guess)

(N3reu) #11

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Im having internet connections problems so I cannot always post wips in realtime
Testing mechanical claws rig! (octopus materials and textures spoiler :v)

(N3reu) #12

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

I've been trying to figure out how to fix the arms issues for 2 days already :confused:
I've made this in more or less 9 different ways (that works on blender) and tens of uploads to check it out but does not worked well in Sketchfab Engine.
So I think Im going to animate it anyway like this :smiley:
I hope not to be too harmed hehe

(N3reu) #13

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Now working on Spider's rig!

(N3reu) #14

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Just finished the both rigs!

(Vrhuman) #15

Love your artstyle!

(N3reu) #16

Thaanks :smiley:

(N3reu) #17

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Thats my final train (maybe I can change the ground color)
I've done some changes (comparsing to the film one) to promote the animation
I've spent some time on the materials/lighting so you can start to feel rigth in the action ;D

(N3reu) #18

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

I have finaly finished the rig and materials and all that stuff
Next step is to jump to the animation! :slight_smile:
I hope that time is on my side hehe

(N3reu) #19

moviecontest-wip #spiderman

Starting with the animation!

(N3reu) #20

I'm now officially closing this topic becouse of the wrong deformation of the octopus mechanic arms (working very well in blender but not properly on sketchfab engine :confused: )
Thank you guys for the support and I'm going to try out some different scene in this few days!
Here's my final test of the deformation (without materials, just to show you the problem)
See you in my next topic hehe