Spockers #3December entries!

(Magda) #1

I really wanna get in the habit of working in 3D everyday, so looking forward to this challenge!

(Magda) #3

Day 1 - Winter coat. I went with a puffy winter jacket :slight_smile:

(had some trouble with embedding, sorry for the edits…)

(Abby Crawford) #4

That’s so good! Nicely done.

(Brian C Allen) #5

I’m also having trouble embedding my stuff. I thought I was going crazy.
Looks great!

(Ever Shroud) #6

Hey, are you using the embed option? Because I don’t think that works on here, could be wrong?
I made it work simply by copying the URL of my post and pasting it on a line by it’s self. So maybe that will work for you!

Great job on your coat by the way, the shape is amazing, and I love the main texture! Looks like such a cozy coat.

(Magda) #7

Thank you so much guys!

yes! I did that and tried alternating between HTML and BBcode but nothing works… :sob:

(Ever Shroud) #8

weird… the HTML and BB code don’t work at all just shows the text link, but just pasting the URL does work for me… So nothing else is on the same line? I accidentally hit period and it stopped working, but when it was by it’s self it worked fine. Even just a small change like leaving the " at the beginning or end will stop it from working.

Maybe it’s a glitch, I’m afraid I don’t know who you would ask though? Sorry I couldn’t help, good luck!

(Brian C Allen) #9

Ive actually been given a solution! Simple copy the full URL of your sketchfab model and slap that into your post. For some reason that works, at least it did for me!

(Magda) #10

thank you so much!! that worked!!! :smiley:

(Magda) #11

Day 2 - wood stove.

Honestly, I’m not very happy with this one, but I just needed to finish it… mehh.

(Magda) #12

Day 3 - north pole

I’m not being very consistent am I? yikesss