Spoke for Mozilla Hubs is now a Web App

(Nebulousflynn) #1

This is pretty cool.

In case you forgot, you can easily pull downloadable Sketchfab 3D models into social VR using hubs (you may remember we ran a challenge a while ago which was all about this).

Well now it’s even easier for anyone to have a go at setting up a VR hangout complete with 3D models, video and more because Spoke (the ‘level editor’ for Hubs) is now a super easy to use web app :slight_smile:

Spoke, the editor that lets you create 3D scenes for use in Hubs, is now available as a fully featured web app. When we announced the beta for Spoke back in October, it was the first step towards making the process of creating social VR spaces easier for everyone. At Mozilla, we believe in the power of the web, and it was a natural decision for us to make Spoke more widely available by making the editor entirely available online - no downloads required.

Try Spoke out for yourself now: