Spotlight shadow problem


(Jvouillon) #1

Hi, I have noticed a kind of "clipping"problem with spotlight shadow.

Here with shadows off:

Here with shadows on:

Could it be due to the amount of faces (236.8k faces)?


(Paul Sketch) #2

You discovered a Bug, in the shadow computations, thanks !
Will check how to fix that in sketchfab.

Meanwhile, you can fix it on your model:

In the Sketchfab Editor:
- using the "orientation widget" in "General" called "straighten the model", rotate the model 2 times on "Z".
- Then move your spotlight accordingly and it will work.
- Use "save view" to make sure your camera is looking at the new scene position as you wish it.

(Jvouillon) #3

It's working! Thanks Paul! :smile: