SSAO Interacting With The Camera

(Nahin) #1

The SSAO FIlter Interacts With The Camera Weirdly , Creating This improper edge darkening effect

i have noticed this on multiple models , mine and from others

Here , i have enabled SSAO and disabled Vignette , And as you can see the camera is further away , and there is no edge darkening

BUT here , you can see the camera is closer to the mesh , and now there is edge darkening , meaning the camera is probably occluding the mesh , which should not happen

Using on Chrome , Windows 10

Here is the model with the specified settings :

(Rémy Bouquet) #2

That's one of the main drawback of the SSAO technique. We only have information for what's in the screen and it produce this artefact on screen edges.
However this can be alleviated somehow, by not setting the radius and the intensity to their maximum value.

(Nahin) #3

Yeah , i dont use it at max , i just demonstrated it. so there is no fix then?

(Rémy Bouquet) #4

No fix I'm afraid, it's inherent to the technique.

(Mauricesvay) #5

Your model being static, you could probably use a baked AO map instead.

(Nahin) #6

Yeah i know , its just for demonstration , i saw this in multiple models where ssao is an easier approach , although its not that much problem , thanks for the insight guys.