SSL Unsupported protocol Download Error

So this happened to me on two devices and three browsers: my Android Phone using the Chrome app, and my Desktop using Chrome and Microsoft Edge AND Internet Explorer.

Every time I go to download a model the same thing happens: this site cannot provide a secure connection.

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.


I don’t think it’s my browser or my internet because I’ve done loads of things (clearing SSL state, browsing data, setting as a trusted site etc.) but to no avail. I’m not sure what could be causing this. It’s really frustrating though because it used to work fine with the same computer and internet, and now I can’t use the site for its root purpose.

Error message Screenshot from smartphone. The same message would also appear on my desktop, even after restarting and changing SSL and protocol settings

Any thoughts on this?

  • Catstr

Hmm that’s very strange. I haven’t seen any other reports like this. Are you still having trouble?

I’m not sure. Originally it sent me to an external download link (can’t find it anymore) but now it seems to be downloading again… I don’t know exactly what was going on, but I think it’s working now. I’ll come back and report anything if it persists though. :confused:

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Turns out I’m wrong. Just tried to download a base human character and I got the error again.

This is the model: Base Mesh Man Simple - Download Free 3D model by LeighIria (@LeighIria) - Sketchfab

I have no idea what’s causing this… I went and allowed all SSL and TSS Versions AND added sketchfab to a trusted site but its still happening… :frowning:

Not sure what to do.

Could you try the following?

  • Try in an incognito window
  • Try disabling your browser plugins
  • Try a totally different browser

I’m trying to rule out any issues in your browser, usually these are caused by plugins.

I also have this issue, I already try different browser but still can’t get corrtet address or something.


Can you provide more details please?

  • Which browser do you use on which OS
  • What is the URL of the model you’re trying to download
  • What are the exact steps you’re taking

This will help us narrow down the issue. Thanks!